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of 11,962 minted
step 0:
are you on the list?
the contract says your address is NOT on the list.
holders of MoonCats (Acclimated) and FourierPunks are always on the list
those who confirm a tag (step 2, below) are on the list

step 1:
mint your NFT
enter a buddy's address.
no buddy? use the default address!

step 2:
were you tagged?
enter the token id

step 3:
want a display name on your NFTs? enter up to 20 alphanumeric characters.

step 4:
want to change a tagged buddy?
enter your owned token id and new buddy address.

contract opensea etherscan (0xC321Aa2Cb7a0336aa829eA153B4eA422F5d806c4)
socials https://twitter.com/beautifooldata https://discord.gg/hBPTbG2sq4