buddy buddy tag nfts are

- just for fun. to have and to cherish. not suitable for flippers. not intended to be investments.
- generated completely on chain
- 0.01 eth each
- unapeable, only wallets on the allowed list can mint
- like friendship bracelets: the friend you tag will be displayed in your nft
- like fortune cookies: interpret the emojis that define your relationship
- based on community. tagged friends that confirm their buddy will automatically join the allow list and can mint their own
- capped at 11,962 total tags, enforced by the contract

=> the contract is here: 0xC321Aa2Cb7a0336aa829eA153B4eA422F5d806c4
=> view NFTs on opensea - https://opensea.io/collection/buddybuddytags
=> the Medium post about the contract creation process
=> the buddy network graph (coming eventually)

Will your buddy confirm your relationship and spice up your NFT?
Will you draw random emojis that tell a good story?
Can you mint a rare single (0.5%) or double (2%) emoji NFT?

quick guide to minting directly from the contract

---step 1---

check if your wallet address is on the allow list using #11 can_addr_mint (read tab). at launch, all fourierpunk and acclimated mooncat holders can mint!

---step 2---

mint with the #13 tag_buddy function using a friend's wallet address

You get a hot generative completely on-chain NFT commemorating your unconfirmed relationship

---step 3---

tell your buddy to #4 confirm_buddy using your token id #. once that happens, your buddy can mint! additionally, your nft gets a special unique border to make it stand out.

---step 4---


there are additional functions that token owners/tagged buddies can play with. - #11 set_alias is a way to change the way your nft looks. you can replace your wallet with any alphanumeric string between 1 and 20 characters. in order to discourage willy nilly changing, this requires 0.02 eth. - #3 burn_bridge is a way for a tagged buddy to renounce their friendship. as in real life, this is a sad and costly move, 0.05 eth - the nft is an svg that is completely created by the contract. the generative items should be maintained between transfers. the top address is always the owner's address/alias. you cannot own someone elses relationship. - if you purchase someone else's confirmed relationship in the secondary market, and you are not confirmed with the requested buddy, you may end up with an nft that looks different. you will need to ask this person to confirm you. - if your buddy is not responsive, or burned the bridge with you, you can take your token and request a new buddy using the #12 (re)tag_buddy function that takes both parameters. Costs (what to put in payableAmount) - #13 tag_buddy - 0.01 - #12 (re)tag_buddy - 0.005 - #11 set_alias - 0.02 - #3 burn_bridge - 0.05 just a little bit more... gas optimization is difficult. i wanted to structure the contract to allow for easy queries like 'who tagged me','who did i tag','who connects to who','how many', etc. but those data structures shot the stuff through the roof. it may require a full scrape to find all the relationships. someone can build that front end, it may be interesting to see this network graph. socials https://twitter.com/beautifooldata https://discord.gg/hBPTbG2sq4